Willie Mack III wins Butterfield Bermuda APGA Championship in three-way playoff

Willie Mack III won the inaugural Butterfield Bermuda APGA Championship on Wednesday after outlasting Joseph Hooks and Marcus Byrd in a three-way playoff.

In the first international competition for the Advocates Professional Golf Association Tour, Mack needed just a tap-in par on the first playoff to clinch the title at Port Royal Golf Course.

Hooks led after 18 holes and after 36, the three were tied at 4-under (138). Replaying the 18th hole, Mack made his par while Byrd and Hooks couldn’t match. Mack takes the $15,000 first-place prize from the purse of $60,000, which was the fourth-largest in the history of the APGA Tour.

“I tried not to make mistakes today,” said Mack. “My putting was there today when I needed it. Hopefully, I can bring what I accomplished this week into next week. It was good to play a PGA Tour-level course these last two days.”

Next up for Mack is the second stage of Korn Ferry Tour Q-School at Plantation Preserve Golf Club in Plantation, Florida.

The APGA Tour’s first-ever Farmers Insurance Fall Series continues at the APGA Tour Charlie Sifford Centennial at Kingswood Forest Golf Club, in Houston, Oct 25-26.

The PGA Tour’s Butterfield Bermuda Championship will also be played at Port Royal, Oct. 27-30.

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By: Todd Kelly
Title: Willie Mack III wins Butterfield Bermuda APGA Championship in three-way playoff
Sourced From: golfweek.usatoday.com/2022/10/13/willie-mack-iii-butterfield-bermuda-apga-championship/
Published Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2022 13:34:05 +0000

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