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Scottsdale Golf Instruction – Troon North Golf Club

Scottsdale Golf Instruction – Troon North Golf Club Table of ContentsGolf Instruction – Meadowlark Golf CourseHistory Of Golf Instruction – Golf-information.infoWorld Class Golf Instruction – Become Your Own Coach!Golf Instruction – Miacomet Golf CourseGolf Instruction – The City Of Ann ArborGolf Instruction – About – Timbergate Golf CourseDallas Public Course – Golf Instruction – Bridlewood […]

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Golf tournaments are great competitive events where you can both have fun as well as challenge your golf game along with others. There are hundreds and hundreds of golf tournaments…

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Best Christmas Gift For Your Fellow Golfer Co-Worker

  Best Christmas Gift For Your Golfer Co-Worker

Golf Bunker Tip: 7 Easy Steps To Fairway Bunker Bliss

Symptom: Poor shots out of fairway bunkers.  You always come up way short of the green, if you even make it over the lip. Or worse yet, you have a…

Raflewski Performance Academy Launches At PGA National Ireland

So here we are, in November 2020, and golf is about to return to our courses. Apart from golf on TV, for many of us golf ceased to exist over…

Dog Bites Golfers Cock Off In Horrific Mistaken Stick Accident At Beach

Little did he know at the time but this picture of Greg Norman and his dog “Psycho” was taken shortly before the horrific severed cock accident at the beach this…

Wilco Nienaber’s 439 Yard Drive With Ping G425 Driver Would’ve Won The World Long Drive By 24 Yards

Wilco Nienaber hit a 439 yard driver at the Joburg Open at the weekend and went on to finish second in the event to JB Hansen. The 20 year old…

We Were All At Home But Nobody Watched The Masters This Year?

I know viewership figures for the USA don’t always tally up with worldwide audiences but the 2020 Masters TV audience was incredibly low. In Ireland we had the Masters versus…

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