For $1 million, you can play Wynn Las Vegas (and get a bunch of other amazing things as part of an F1 Las Vegas ultimate fan experience)

Ever want to tee it up at Wynn Las Vegas? You got a million bucks?

Just off the strip behind the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino, the golf course is one of the highest daily-fee tracks in the U.S. It’ll set you back about $550, so you obviously don’t need to spend $1 million to play there.

That is unless you want to be a part of the official Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 Million Dollar All-Access Experience by Wynn Las Vegas.

That’s right, golf and race fans, you can enjoy the F1 race in Vegas in style.

The racing circuit has taken the U.S. by storm and the countdown is on to November 2023. In March, F1 announced it will stage a night race with part of the 3.8-mile track going right down the Strip. F1 cars can top 200 mph and they will fly right by some of the famous Vegas hotels and landmarks. The route will have 50 laps with 17 turns and three straightaways.

Tickets to the general public went on sale Nov. 5, 2022, a full year ahead of the festivities.

For high rollers, however, there may only be one way to go and that’s where the $1 million comes in.

Wynn Las Vegas says it’s “pulled out all the stops to create an epic race weekend that positions you at the heart of all the action, while also offering an exceptional level of VIP detail to your stay, from luxurious accommodations and amenities to exclusive resort and F1 events and, of course, superior Five-Star service.”

In addition to a round at Wynn Golf Club, your $1 million also gets you:

Airport arrival and departure to and from the F1 PaddockA Jeroboam of Dom Perignon and caviar upon arrivalFour nights in a 5,829-square-foot suite with two-story windowsRed Carpet viewing and kick-off partyVIP access to exclusive Wynn race-week eventsDinner for six at DelilahGolf for six at Wynn Golf Club followed by a visit to the spa

Of course, you can’t just go online and buy this experience. You must first fill out an inquiry form.

Talk about bragging rights.


Photos: Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas

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By: Todd Kelly
Title: For $1 million, you can play Wynn Las Vegas (and get a bunch of other amazing things as part of an F1 Las Vegas ultimate fan experience)
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Published Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2022 13:30:35 +0000

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