Conversations with Champions: Jon Rahm says ‘I feel like I can get a lot better’ after winning for fourth time in six starts

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Jon Rahm has earned four of his nine PGA Tour wins in California.

He’s also now 2-for-2 in 2023, having won the Sentry Tournament of Champions in Hawaii two weeks ago and the American Express in La Quinta, California. He’s won four of his last six starts and is 54 under in his last eight rounds.

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After winning in the Southern California desert near Palm Springs for the second time, Rahm was beaming about the way things are going so far.

“Heck of a start. Heck of a start,” he said. “Sentry and this one are very, very different golf courses and very different golf, right. You still have to go low in both of them. So luckily the mentality is the same.”

Rahm has gone 27 under in each of two wins and had just three bogeys over four days at the AmEx.

After his win, he talked about how health, his swing and about how rookie Davis Thompson kept the pressure on.

JON RAHM: Body’s been feeling great. My swing’s been feeling really, really good. And it shows, right. Even when I’m saying I may not be as comfortable as I would like, I’m shooting 64s because everything is just firing when it needs to. I’m, in a weird way, glad that today went the way it went. I’ve enjoyed some runaway victories, I’ve enjoyed some comebacks, but today was certainly a struggle. Out of the five birdies I made, what is it, one, two, three of them were tap-ins and the other two were basically 6-footers. So that tells you the story. Didn’t really make much today, even though everything looked really good and a lot of them looked like any of them

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By: Todd Kelly
Title: Conversations with Champions: Jon Rahm says ‘I feel like I can get a lot better’ after winning for fourth time in six starts
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Published Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2023 15:00:38 +0000

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