Ben Hogan GS53 Max driver

Gear: Ben Hogan GS53 Max driver
Price: $355 with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black, Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue or UST Mamiya Helium shaft
Specs: Titanium chassis with carbon-fiber crown, tungsten sole weight and an adjustable hosel

When it comes to driving the golf ball, you will not find many role models better than Ben Hogan. The winner of nine major titles, Hogan is still regarded as one of the most consistent players off the tee, and now the company that bears his name is offering a driver designed to help players hit longer, straighter tee shots.

The Ben Hogan GS53 Max driver has a 460-cc head and was designed with a carbon-fiber crown. Opting for carbon fiber saves weight that would be positioned high in the head and creates significant discretionary weight.

Most of that weight was re-positioned into a triangular tungsten weight in the back of the sole. The combination of the lighter crown and the weight in the sole pulls the center of gravity lower and farther back, away from the face. As a result, the GS53 Max should help golfers achieve a higher launch angle off the tee with less spin for increased distance.

Ben Hogan designers also shifted some weight toward the edges of the head. That boosted the moment of inertia and made the GS53 Max less likely to twist on off-center hits.

Finally, the Ben Hogan GS53 Max has an eight-position adjustable hosel mechanism that allows golfers to increase or decrease the loft by 1 degree, change the lie angle and change the face angle.

Like other Ben Hogan equipment, the GS53 Max driver is available only at

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By: David Dusek
Title: Ben Hogan GS53 Max driver
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