Titleist now offers virtual golf ball fitting consultations

For a lot of golfers, the idea of getting fit for equipment doesn’t sound like the safest thing to do. For those golfers, Titleist has decided to take their ball-fitting experience virtual, offering one-on-one video calls with their ball fitters.

The virtual consultations are now available Monday-Friday on Titleist’s ball-fitting page, allowing golfers a chance to speak with the same fitters they would meet if they attended an in-person fitting.

The free, 30-minute conversation on video chat is still about the same as in person, with the fitter assessing a player’s game, asking about their performance goals and ball preferences. The end result will be a recommendation of which Titleist golf ball for that golfer to try on the course. The golfer can use the company’s evaluation scorecard to validate the recommendation for themselves on the course, looking at each different type of shot.

“A true golf ball fitting can only happen on the golf course where you can see and feel the differences between golf ball models and gain a real understanding for which one will help you shoot your lowest scores,” said Michael Rich, Senior Manager, Titleist Golf Ball Fitting and Education.

“Whether we’re working with a golfer in person or online, it’s ultimately up to them to take our recommendations to the course and test the golf balls side-by-side on a variety of different shots, especially into and around the green.”

If golfers don’t want to hop on a video call and want to use something more self-directed, they can use Titleist’s golf ball selection tool, which will offer two recommended Titleist balls to try on the course.

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By: Ryan Ballengee
Title: Titleist now offers virtual golf ball fitting consultations
Sourced From: thegolfnewsnet.com/ryan_ballengee/2020/09/04/titleist-now-offers-virtual-golf-ball-fitting-consultations-120332/
Published Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2020 16:56:05 +0000


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