TaylorMade Golf expand P-700 Series irons with P-770, P-7CB and P-7MB models

Over time, TaylorMade Golf has expanded its P-Series family of irons to now a grand total of six — yes, six — models. That might sound like a lot, but the reality is that it’s not.

The P-Series has always been about accommodating the demands of better players. After all, better players are pickier players. They know what they want, and the finer details matter. Now, TaylorMade has an iron that should, at least conceivably, accommodate anything a better player (or aspiring better player) would want — from a blade to a players distance iron.

The headliner of this three-model release is the P-770 irons, which have been transformed into the more compact sibling of the P-790 players distance irons.

The P-770 irons’ true self

Not long after the P-Series debuted in 2017 with the P-790s, TaylorMade came out with the P-750 and P-770 irons, which were cavity-back irons for better players, distinguished by blade size. Less than a year later, those two irons were replaced by the P-760 irons, which blended the best of both sets and reduced confusion. Now, we’ve come back full circle to the P-770 and P-790 being related, with the other P-Series irons having a different nomenclature.

The P-770 is for the better player who loves the idea of distance and forgiveness that’s the P-790 offers but with tighter gaps and better dispersion. It’s a hollow-body iron, with a dose of tungsten in the toe for MOI support and center of gravity position. There’s SpeedFoam to help increase ball speed and improve acoustics and feel. It also has a thinner topline and narrower sole, all in a shorter blade length than the P-790 (much less the even bigger P-790 Ti).

The 4140 steel face insert combines with the 8620 carbon steel body, with each iron having uniquely positioned Inverted Cone Technology for normalized ball speeds across the face — moving from the center on the mid-irons to the toe on long irons.

The company says the distance is just a touch below the P-790, all in a cleaner look. Of course, with a smaller head, the forgiveness took a dip that’s offset some by the tungsten plugs in the 3-7 irons that weigh up to 46 grams.

The TaylorMade P-770 irons are available at retail on Sept. 4 for $1,400 in 3-PW, AW with KBS Tour steel shafts (X 130g, S 120g).

P-7CB and P-7MB round out the family

Admittedly, there’s a smaller audience for the other two irons, the P-7MC and P-7MB, compared to the P-770. That was true when these offerings were the P-730, P-750 and original P-770 (or the combo P-760). But they have to be there to get the attention of better players who demand feel and aesthetics over features and envelope-pushing technology.

The big story with these irons is a new Compact Grain Forging process, using a 2,000-ton forging press to create a tighter grain structure for the best feel. The heavier press means less pressing in the forging process, which means, the company says, more consistent shaping from set to set.

The P-7MB irons are inspired by Dustin Johnson’s Tour Prototype irons. Just like any muscleback iron, they have a thin topline, even less offset than the P-730 irons and a narrow sole in a 1025 carbon steel head that boasts a machine-milled face. To be clear, almost all golfers are incapable of playing these.

The geometry of each head is traditional, with a mirrored surface backbar for cool lighting reflections and a more precise center-of-gravity placement.

The TaylorMade P-7MB irons are available at retail on Sept. 4 for $1,400 in 3-PW with KBS Tour steel shafts (X 130g, S 120g).

The P-7MC irons have design cues that harken back to the old P-750, P-760 and P-770 irons — more like the P-750 irons than any of the others. The shape is classic, with minimal offset and just enough perimeter weighting for an element of forgiveness.

The new backbar geometry is designed to elevate feel by moving mass up behind the face at impact.

This iron is designed for a Tour player, not a casual player, but they can be part of a combo set that flows naturally with the P-7MB and P-770 irons.

The TaylorMade P-7MC irons are available at retail on Sept. 4 for $1,400 in 3-PW with KBS Tour steel shafts (X 130g, S 120g).

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By: Ryan Ballengee
Title: TaylorMade Golf expand P-700 Series irons with P-770, P-7CB and P-7MB models
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