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Back in 2017 — a very different time for all of us, including the nascence of Golf News Net — I introduced GNN Plus, a paid membership program. The idea was there would be unique content and perspective, advice for fantasy golf and golf bettors, no display ads, discounts and credits to golf businesses, as well a few other benefits.

Over time, hundreds of people have joined. Most people have joined for the fantasy advice, though.

(That’s why I’ve recently rebranded the paid membership as Forebucks. For $50 per year, I think it’s a tremendous value.)

So why create this new, free membership?

Because, at my core, I love reading, writing and talking about golf. As I’ve been building up GNN these last six years — three of them now full-time — though, I’ve gotten away from some of that. I miss it. I miss podcasting. I miss writing snarky things or from the heart. I miss offering my spin on a story without having to make it fit a tweet or a whole blog post. I miss starting a good conversation.

That’s what this membership was always meant to be, and that’s what it’ll be now. For free.

What’s in it for me?

There will still be display ads, but knowing more about my audience will help me reduce the number of ads because they will be more targeted to our audience’s interests. That will make for a better overall user experience, one I’ve been looking to provide.I’ll be doing daily newsletter-like stories for members, sharing what I’m reading, what’s going on in the golf world, some great deals I find and other things that have my attention in golf. I can do that without adding another email to your inbox. Come and read when you want.When the situation calls for a reaction podcast or an emergency recording, it’ll be right here for the people who want to hear it.Hopefully we can have meaningful two-way conversation here. I’m still deciding if a message board, a Slack channel or something else entirely is the right way to facilitate this. However, so much of social media is downright toxic, and that’s something we could all stand to have less of our in our lives.

I hope you’ll sign up for the new membership. Like I said, it’s totally free. You can use a fake name, and your email address won’t be suddenly added to a bunch of spam lists you didn’t want.

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By: Ryan Ballengee
Title: Join our new, free membership!
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Published Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 01:16:00 +0000


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