Honma releases TR20B blade irons, now available for consumers

When Honma announced their 2020 iron releases, one set caught the eye of a lot of golfers: the TR20B blades. They were a prototype, available only to professional golfers, but there was the promise that these would eventually be available to the rest of us. Now they are.

To be clear, the TR20B irons are built for the 1 percent of golfers who can handle blades. That doesn’t stop anyone else from buying them, but that’s a disclaimer that has to be made. It’s in direct contrast to the TR20V and TR20P irons, which are for a wider swath of players.

The TR20B are forged blades made from mild S20C steel for feel. The blade has a pyramid-shaped muscle back — something that’s becoming more popular in these niche irons — to position weight and the center of gravity behind the ideal hitting zone, all in a traditional blade shape, with thin toplines and soles. The blade length gets longer through the set.

The TR20B irons have progressive bounce, with less bounce in the long irons and more in the shorter irons.

The company imagines some players choosing to make a combo set with the family, fitting in the TR20V or TR2oP with the mid- and/or longer irons for more forgiveness, while employing the TR20B for the shorter irons.

The Honma TR20B irons are available now for $188 per club and come with Nippon Modus3 120 S stock steel shafts with a counter-taper grip to promote better grip tension.

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By: Ryan Ballengee
Title: Honma releases TR20B blade irons, now available for consumers
Sourced From: thegolfnewsnet.com/ryan_ballengee/2020/08/24/honma-releases-tr20b-blade-irons-now-available-for-consumers-120207/
Published Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2020 15:51:00 +0000


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