Here’s how much money the Tour Championship players actually get right away

There’s a lot of money on the line for the 30 PGA Tour players competing in the 2020 Tour Championship. The 2020 Tour Championship purse is $46 million because the results determine the payout of that money from the FedEx Cup bonus pool, which is $60 million.

You’ll hear talk about how the winner of the FedEx Cup gets $15 million, and that’s true. They do get $15 million. However, they don’t get that $15 million paid to them right then and there. The winner of the Tour Championship gets $14 million in cash, with $1 million deferred into their PGA Tour pension account, which could grow into much more money than that considering how well it’s managed.

The second-place finisher in the Tour Championship, and therefore the FedEx Cup, gets $5 million in total compensation, with $4 million in cash and $1 million deferred. It goes on like this, down the final Tour Championship leaderboard, all the way down to 30th place, who gets $190,000 in cash for the week and $205,000 in deferred compensation.

Again, getting to the Tour Championship is a tremendous financial boon for the players, but they don’t get that money right away.

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Title: Here’s how much money the Tour Championship players actually get right away
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