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Golf-Anytime is an one-stop solution for golf enthusiasts who want to practice this incredible sport and improve their performance. They provide a range of products such as golf simulators, practice nets, hitting mats, launch monitors, putting greens, and GPS/rangefinders.

The goal at Golf-Anytime is to provide the necessary equipment that utilizes the same data and technology that the pros use. They believe that nothing should stop you from achieving a level of performance you might never have experienced before.

The idea of Golf-Anytime came into being 2 years ago. The owner, who grew up in Michigan spent his teenage years playing golf inside his house. Owing to the harsh winters ❄ 🥶 in Michigan, that he absolutely disliked, he would convert his living room carpet into a golf course and spend hours playing golf every day. With time and practice, he was able to shoot in the 70s. It was an incredible and well-deserving accomplishment for him.

During his teenage years, he went through many dark phases in his life. However, the winters that he had hated, turned out to be a blessing for him. He could have gone down the wrong road, but golf eventually saved his life.

Golf-Anytime is more of a personal journey and a dream that he wants to share with others who want to accelerate their golf performance and have some serious fun doing it.

With an incredible range of products, Golf-Anytime equips you with the necessary gear to convert your golf dreams into a reality. Spend some time investigating their product line, and you'll notice a considerable difference in your performance and growth over time.

Golf Simulators: Weather can be unpredictable, hence, these simulators bring the golf range to you when you can’t go outside or you just want to get in those extra reps. The indoor golf simulator replicates most of the aspects of a traditional golf course. They are now affordable and quite easy to assemble and disassemble. They carry some of the best brands in the industry including: Ernest Sports, Optishot, and TruGolf.

Practice NetsThe practice nets allow you to master your craft from inside your home without having to worry about damaging your walls or furniture. Refine your swing via regular practice. Such a convenient way to work on flaws, practice drills and just the feel aspect of the swing. Brands include: The Net Return, and Cimmaron Sports

Hitting MatsHitting mats serve many needs. I used mine in front of my net. It has a very lif-elike feel of grass and has endured literally thousands of golf shots will no apparent wear and tear.The wide variety of mats at Golf Anytime include: chipping mats, driving range mats , putting matts, matts of different sizes and densities…definitely worth checking out.  

Launch Monitors: Keeping track of your data and stats is one of the most important ways to improve your golf game. Golf Anytime’s high-tech portable launch monitors track all kinds of information and crucial shot data such as spin rates, angle of attack, apex, carry distance, and more. They have a tremendous range of prices from $199 up to 10K + and include Voice Caddie and Ernest Sports brands. Of course, it depends on your need, whether you're just a weekend warrior trying to increase your swing speed or a coach or pro.

Putting GreensPutting greens is a  way to provide a small part of the golf experience in your home. Whether you plan to install it in your backyard or in your basement, the putting green will add fun to your golfing experience. Oh, and you’ll probably become a pretty decent putter too. Brands include Big Moss and Tour Links/ They also carry DIY Backyard Putting Greens so if you want to create an awesome project for yourself this just might be up your alley!

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