Cobra’s King Tour irons break the mold by using Metal Injection Molding

For years, when golfers thought about buying irons, one of the first questions they were asked is if they want a set that's forged or cast.

These days, though, the question isn't that simple. With new materials and emerging construction techniques, an iron is as much a technological marvel as a driver. One of those newer techniques is Metal Injection Molding (MIM), which has created a third distinct option for building heads. Metal Injection Molding starts with a mixture of stainless steel metal power that's then heated up and injected into a mold, where the metal is heated to a temperature even hotter than a forged metal. The grain created at these temperatures is tighter, offering a more precise product with a feel as soft as, if not softer than, forged heads. Better still, MIM heads don't require as much polishing as forged heads, meaning a more consistent product from head to head and set to set.

Cobra Golf in particular has found success building wedge heads using Metal Injection Molding, which creates a grain in the steel that can create feel even softer than a forged wedge.

Now, Cobra Golf is introducing a full set of player's irons made from Metal Injection Molding, coming out with the King Tour irons.

“These irons are softer than any forged offerings on the market, and like their wedge counterparts, offer better consistency in shaping for more precision shot-making on the course,,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for Cobra Golf. “While soft feel and consistency are important in the short-game, optimizing these attributes throughout an entire iron set will give golfers better performance across a wider range of shot selections.”

MIM isn't the only feature of these irons, which were inspired by feedback from better players and Tour staffers who have used the King MIM wedges.

As has become commonplace, tungsten weighting is placed in the toe to move the center of gravity with each iron to the hitting zone to deliver consistent, ideal launch conditions. A TPU insert sits behind the face to dampen vibrations and further soften feel at impact.

The whole idea behind these irons is delivering on consistency of feel and performance. The lofts on these irons are similar to other player's irons, with the specs showing Cobra had no intentions of producing a set with stronger lofts. With the center of gravity positioned on each iron for a better player, there was no need to strengthen lofts to account for a deep CG position that would lead to moon-ball launch conditions.

The Cobra Golf King Tour irons will be available on Oct. 30 for $1,300 in 4-iron through pitching wedge, with a 3-iron and gap wedge available via custom order. The KBS $-Taper 120 steel shaft is the stock choice in stiff or regular flexes, with a variety of other shafts and grips available through custom order.

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By: Ryan Ballengee
Title: Cobra’s King Tour irons break the mold by using Metal Injection Molding
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Published Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 14:23:31 +0000


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