Callaway Golf gets into game-improvement wedges with the Mack Daddy CBs

Wedges are tricky clubs for a lot of golfers. Most golfers hit wedges to get them out of trouble, not as scoring clubs. They chip and pitch with them, try to get out of the sand with them, and they don't execute these shots as consistently as they need.

Most golfers, then, could benefit from a more forgiving wedge, one that made it easier to get the ball airborne and out of sticky stituations.

That's why Callaway Golf is getting further into the expanding category of game-improvement wedges with the Mack Daddy CBs.

The CB in Mack Daddy CB stands for cavity-back, which these wedges feature, looking to provide similar benefits to golfers as they would find in cavity-back irons. With more weight to the edges of the club head, a golfer will get more forgiveness on less-than-ideal contact. The heads are slightly larger, and the toplines are a little bit thicker, too, all to inspire confidence and create a smooth transition from the bigger footprint of game-improvement or super-game-improvement irons to the wedges.

The Mack Daddy CB line has two grind options, both geared to be friendly to average-or-worse players. In the lower-lofted heads, the wedges have a full width sole with moderate bounce for a more iron-like feel. In the mid- and higher-lofted heads, a modified version of the W Grind has a lower leading edge with more bounce to make it easier to get out of bunkers and nasty rough, even while opening the face.

The sand and lob wedges feature the JAWS grooves that debuted in the MD5 line. With JAWS grooves, the angles inside the grooves of the higher-lofted wedges are sloped more, while maintaining a U-shape. The additional angle allows for a sharper edge to impart more spin.

The stock shaft is the KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 105 shaft, taking a popular wedge shaft and cutting some weight. There are also graphite offerings, too, with the KBS Hi-Rev G in both 60- and 80-gram options.

The Callaway Golf Mack Daddy CB wedges are now available for $130 each.

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Title: Callaway Golf gets into game-improvement wedges with the Mack Daddy CBs
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Published Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 19:09:51 +0000


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