Arccos’ Caddie Link gives users the option to track their games without their phones in their pockets

Arccos users now have the choice to track their games without having to play golf with their phones in their pockets.

First announced in January 2019, the Arccos Caddie Link is a small wearable platform available to users that will capture shot data with GPS and eliminate the need for a player to keep their smartphone on or near them so each shot can be tracked during a round.

The knock on Arccos has been that a golfer had to carry their phone in their pocket or potentially in their bag during a round so that the game-tracking functionality could work. The phone's battery was drained to a degree because Arccos used the GPS and Bluetooth capacity to track data, and that limited a golfer's capability to do other things with their phone — play music, take pictures, check messages or social media — during round without worrying about the phone going dead.

The Link device, which weighs less than 25 grams and takes up a little more space than a divot-repair tool, eliminates that problem.

The device can be worn on a player's belt or waistband, or can even be stored in their pocket. The Link then pairs with the Arccos Caddie app and sensors users already have screwed into the butt end of their golf grips. Link captures location of each shot, notes the sensor used for that shot and associates it with a club. Data about a player's round can then be transferred via Bluetooth to a user's mobile device in real time or after the round. A golfer can also mark the specific location of the hole by pressing a button on the Link device, improving strokes-gained data.

The Link costs $100 in addition to the Arccos Caddie platform, as well the annual fees for game tracking and data analysis.

Arccos has started shipping pre-orders of the Caddie Link, with new orders slipped into a queue after that.

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Title: Arccos’ Caddie Link gives users the option to track their games without their phones in their pockets
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Published Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 13:50:15 +0000


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