8: Guy Nestor: Golf Weather, Meteorology & Playing Your Best in Foul Conditions

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Learn all about weather, how to work with it and use it to your golfing advantage from “foul-weather” friend, Guy Nestor.

Guy Nestor is a meteorologist for the Mobile Weather Team, who provides on-site and remote weather forecasting services for golf tournaments around the world.

Mobile Weather Team, Inc. provides accurate on-site weather forecasts and storm tracking to outdoor sporting events.

Their meteorologists and equipment are physically on-site at the event to provide officials, players and spectators with the most advance warning of any dangerous or disruptive weather.

They have served approximately 2000 events in dozens of countries across 5 continents.


  • Why tournaments hire weather experts
  • Learn what happens “behind-the-scenes” from a mobile weather team  at golf tournaments
  • What surprises Guy the most about weather
  • The biggest weather factor that influences your game
  • How the pros prepare for inclement weather
  • Tree frogs, Bomos, Witchdoctors and “feeling” the weather
  • And, much more . . .


Mobile Weather Team

Recommended weather station: AcuRite 02027 Color Weather Station with Forecast/Temperature/Humidity



@MWT_WX (Mobile Weather Team)


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