2 Great Golf Training Aids

best golf training aids

Here are 2 great golf training aids that will transform your golf game by introducing more speed and power and your game. Here's how.

One reason I love them is that they are tried and true. Not gimmicky at all. Very few moving parts (you can move the ball on the Speed Whoosh but that’s about it)

The first is, the Golf Power Fan.

This is great for building your golf muscles without weights and that sometimes feeling of tightness you get from lifting. Also great for feeling lag and your lower body moving first so as to trigger the proper sequencing in the golf swing.

I mostly swung it 20 times (both left-handed and right-handed) 3 times per week. No stopping and resting either. Just all-out at once. Damn, that’s a good workout!

One note: I worked with a few folks on Skype and after seeing them swing the Swing Fan I could see how tense they were when swinging it. No, no, no! Try to keep your upper body as soft and tension-free as possible. You’ll have much greater results—I promise.

Personally, I did not get good results swinging it on the days I was playing but on non-playing days. When you get back to playing, you’ll feel stronger, you’ll have better (less effort) sequencing in your swing and you’ll have better snap through the ball.

The other great golf training aids is the Swing Whoosh by Momentus Golf.

This is a training aid that will vastly help with your swing speed. Roughly half our muscles fibers are slow with and other half are fast-twitch. Obviously we want to activate those fast-twitchers more, right?!

The trick is the fast twitch fibers are activated by an action that moves them faster than normal. When you swing the Speed Whoosh several times in a row at speeds of 20+ mph faster than your own driver, this action activates the fast twitch muscle fibers and readies them for action.

Now when you pick up your driver you can expect another 5-10 mph swing speed resulting in another 10-30 yards!

The Swing Whoosh does come with a magnetic ball at the end where you can move it closer to your hands and when you swing WHOOSH it the ball travels down the shaft and sticks (magnetically) to the other end. This can help you feel “the release” of the club head easier.

For me, I never really use the ball, I just keep it at the “club head” end probably because it just a bit more work to slide it down each time. Yup, pure laziness, I guess 🙂

I was swinging a bit close to the house and cracked a fan blade a few months ago and need to replace and you can see how well-worn the Swing Whoosh is.  They don’t sit and gather dust like a lot of worthless training aids—they work, they produce results but they don't swing themselves, sorry 🤷‍♂️

From my own experience, I picked up at least 15-20 yards consistently with a combination of both these great golf training aids. How? By using a program a golf fitness pro shared (and I found by accident) in the editorial section of an older Golf Magazine.

I think the genius of the program is how these seemingly unrelated golf training aids work together. They work beautifully in concert with one another. One works with strength, power, lag and the other with speed. A deadly combination!

I actually share the program in my book, 101 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power, but that would be not cool of me to have you HAVE to buy the book (although there are many, many more ideas and suggestions on improving your power game – see link below). No, not going to do that.

So I’m gonna take it from the book and list it below. Work the program 💪🏻 (as you can see it works with any age). I know you’ll see results.


“Great article about Dan McLaughlin (“The 10,000 Hour Challenge,” May 2010) I think all of Golf Magazine’s readers have probably fantasized about make the Tour. As a golf personal trainer, I can help McLaughlin get the extra club head speed he wants with a couple of devices I used: The Power Fan (from Markwort) and the Speed Whoosh (from Momentus Golf). At least three times per week, swing the Power Fan 20 times continuously to a full finish. You should notice up to 10 more yards in three workouts or less, and about 25 more yards after 10 to 20 workouts.

With the Speed Whoosh, swing it with both hands 20 times, taking a short rest (up to 20 seconds) between each swing. This is “overspeed” training, which helps build the neuromuscular system and fast-twitch muscles. With these exercises, Dan should be able to get up to 137 mph in 10 to 20 workouts. It took me about 5 workouts, and I’m 59! Thanks again for the article.”
Michael Kennedy, Northbrook, IL

Get them here:

Golf Power Fan from Markwort

Swing Whoosh by Momentus Golf


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