Why Iron Play Is So Important for Scoring Potential

If you’re a golfer who is looking to shoot their lowest scores, you’re going to find many answers in your iron play. Successful approach shots require careful planning, the right information, and of course, skillful ball-striking.

In this article, I’m going to share the following:

Why approach shots are so importantData from millions of approach shots courtesy of Shot Scope (how far golfers are hitting each iron, proximity, and GIR)The one statistic that stands above all in terms of your scoring potential

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pproach Shots Are the Biggest Key to Scoring

For a long time, we didn’t quite understand why certain golfers scored better than others. Luckily, Mark Broadie, a professor at Columbia University, cleared that up for all of us. After researching millions of shots using his revolutionary strokes-gained statistics (a measurement of relative performance), he came to the following conclusion:

My analysis of millions of golf shots reveals a consistent finding: Approach shots account for the biggest scoring advantage between golfers of every skill level. The best golfers also gain strokes with their driving, short game and putting games, but approach shots are the greatest difference-maker.

For clarity, approach shots encompass all shots outside of 100 yards that are not tee shots on a Par 4 or Par 5. As you know, that is a large percentage of your shots on the course, especially with your irons. For further information, I highly recommend reading Every Shot Counts


How Far Golfers Are Hitting Their Irons

Ask any golfer how far they hit their 7-iron, and they’ll likely tell you how far they think they can hit it versus how far they are actually hitting it. If someone says 165 yards, that’s usually how far they can hit their 7-iron if they flush it. But what about more normal shots?

Shot Scope, a popular shot-tracking company, analyzed millions of real shots amongst their users (you can read my review of their system here). The following chart shows how far golfers at different handicap levels hit their irons on average:

iron distance golfersRead More

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Title: Why Iron Play Is So Important for Scoring Potential
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