SkyCaddie LX5 Review: The New GPS Watch Contender

If you want to have the most extensive knowledge of course layouts and yardages to various points on each hole, premium GPS watches have become powerful companions. Recently, SkyGolf released their SkyCaddie LX5

GPS watch and is now one of the top contenders in this category.

Essentially, they took all of the features from their SX500

handheld GPS, my favorite GPS overall, and shrunk them into a wrist-sized device. On paper, the SkyCaddie LX5 seems like a no brainer as the best GPS watch out there. However, based on my testing, there are a few tradeoffs you have to accept, which help to decide between the LX5 and the Garmin Approach S62 (my previous pick as the best overall golf GPS watch).

In this review, I’ll explain what I love most about this watch, and make you aware of a couple of minor setbacks that I noticed.

The Best Visuals

Technology is always changing, but I can comfortably say that the SkyGolf LX5 GPS Watch has the best visuals in this category right now.

skycaddie lx5 gps review

The combination of HD graphics, bright screen, and in-depth hole layouts make this watch a course manager’s dream come true.

You can expect to have crystal-clear layouts of each hole, with the ability to pick specific targets to see your yardages. These features are available on

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Title: SkyCaddie LX5 Review: The New GPS Watch Contender
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Published Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 12:01:20 +0000


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