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You will also notice you can perform proper wrist hinge while holding the club like this, another good indicator of proper grip. Next, let’s move into the setup. An athletic golf stance is key, meaning a nice stable base and a little knee bend. You should not be locking your legs, nor would you squat into your stance.

Make sure you get more pressure in the lead foot in your initial setup. We like to promote a 60/40 split, but you can move that up or down as needed. A good place to start would be to bump your hips slightly forward in your setup, so that your lead hip is directly over your lead foot.

(Learn about the difference between driver vs iron swing here) Finally, raise your lead arm (left arm for a right handed golfer, opposite for lefty) slightly above your trail arm, which should move your shoulders a little as well. Your trail shoulder will be slightly lower than the lead shoulder, shaping the ball flight into a nice high draw.

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With practice it becomes easier, and it feels more natural. Now that we have a good grip, a proper setup and an athletic stance, we can get ready to cover the swing. In fact, you could even teach a golf lesson to most of my students just knowing this information.

This is a good question, a common question, but a complex one. Unfortunately, there are several different things you could be doing in your golf swing to slice the golf ball. It could be as simple as ball position, or as complex as understanding gear effect. Fortunately, it all boils down to 2 factors: the relationship between the club face and the swing path.

Below, you will see 2 driver swings that both result in a slice. One is a slice based on path, one is based on club face. Now, if you are slicing your driver in particular, this is a good visual. Let’s start with right after impact. In the face slice, the club is wide open, causing the ball to start immediately to the right of the target.

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That is the first part of the equation when diagnosing a slice: Where does the ball start? Let’s take it all the way through the golf shot. Now, the first ball obviously started right and continued right. That is a face issue. The second ball starts straight, but then bends off to the right of the target.

This is the second part of diagnosis: Where does the ball curve? So if the ball starts off line, you have a face issue. If it starts on line, then veers off, you have a path issue. When in doubt, remember this phrase: The face sends it, the path bends it.

In fact, it’s far more common to worry about the direction the golf club swings on the takeaway – golf swing tips driver. You may even have received advice on this or heard theories on whether it’s best to swing the club more outside or more inside. However, if you watch the best players in the world, you’ll notice that there isn’t much consistency when it comes to club direction.

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Meanwhile, they’re all making incredible shots and taking home trophies. So, here’s a theory: maybe the direction of the club isn’t the real issue. If you watch these same players, you’ll notice there is one thing that remains consistent no matter which direction they guide they club: They always keep the clubhead outside of the hands.

If the clubhead passes through the plane of your hands and closer towards the body, the clubhead is now inside. Next time you’re at the driving range, make a special effort to notice where your clubhead is in relation to your hands as you swing back from the ball. Take a few practice swings to check.

If the clubhead is outside your hands at that point, you’re set up for a great transition. If you’ve hinged your wrists so the clubhead is now inside your hands and almost on the same plane as your body, it’s really unlikely that you’ll hit the solid shot you’re capable of.

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When I talk about the transition, I’m referring to the transition from the takeaway to the top of your swing. Basically, the meat of your backswing. One very common mistake in this phase is the dreaded chicken wing. You may have already been told you have chicken wing. And most likely, the person who told you that was referring to your finish, not your transition (golf swing tips for beginners).

The truth is, even though this error is easiest to see in the finish, it’s often a by-product of a mistake that occurs in the transition. Many, many golfers are in the habit of allowing their elbows to separate as they move from the takeaway to the top of the swing.

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(Speaking from personal experience.) And before you know it, you’re in trouble before you even start the downswing. The problem is that when the elbows separate, it limits your body rotation and creates a steeper angle for your club. Both of these side effects are bound to hurt your shot.

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Let it feel almost like you’re squeezing them towards each other. It may feel wrong, but trust me: an elbows-together mindset will bring you closer to the form you want. I recommend practicing with a training aid like the Smart Ball by Tour Striker. It’s essentially an inflatable ball you position between your forearms with the goal of keeping it in place for the entire swing.

Once you have those elbows under control, you’ll be set up to swing through to a strong finish. This last of the 3 golf swing tips is particularly useful for anyone who struggles with rhythm, tempo, and balance. It’s also the tip I recommend to my students when all else fails .

and it’s deceptively simple. You see, you want to be in balance on the finish. That is crucial. And there is one very simple way to ensure that you are: Your knees should touch. Believe it or not, golf swing tip #3 is as basic as that. If your knees are touching in your golf finish, you’re in balance.

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Even more interestingly, I often find that when golfers go into their golf swing thinking about knees at the finish, the rest of their swing falls into place. I wish I had studies and statistics to prove scientifically that thinking about the finish can smooth out the entire golf swing.

It’s easy to get bogged down with all the details of the swing. From setup to body rotation to takeaway to transition to lag to impact . the checklist for a perfect golf swing can be overwhelming. But I’ve seen a lot of my students improve their entire swing by focusing exclusively on where they want to be at the end of it: With the club up over their shoulder and their knees touching.

I’ve seen it time and again with my students. If you feel like you’re not hitting the kind of shots you’re capable of, take a minute to notice every part of your swing. Ask yourself: On the takeaway: “Am I keeping the clubhead outside of my hands?” During the transition: “Am I keeping my elbows close together?” On the finish: “Am I in balance with my knees touching?” If your answer to any one of these is “no,” you may find turning that “no” into a “yes” is all it takes to start playing better golf.

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In this article we’ll cover 7 key golf swing tips to help improve your golf swing and performance – golf swing tips for seniors. When reading them please remember the following – golf is not about having a perfect golf swing, it is about finding a way to get the golf ball into the hole.This article covers simple golf swing tips that will super-charge your progress as a golfer.

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