PRGR Launch Monitor Review: Surprising Performance From An Unexpected Place

Over the last couple of years, the hottest gadget category for golfers is personal launch monitors. The $500 and below group has more competition than ever. The latest entrant is the PRGR launch monitor


The PRGR is actually a launch monitor that has been on the market in Japan for several years already under a different brand name. It was recently repurposed for the US market and is only being offered $199 as a means to capture budget buyers.

Update (6/9/21): The 2021 model of the PRGR was just released. It has a larger screen, and enhanced accuracy (especially on wedge shots). Our review will be updated shortly!

I’ve tested almost every single launch monitor that’s out there, and I have to be honest that I had my suspicions.

Like any other product that comes through my door, I give it a fair shake and focus on its performance rather than looks. The PRGR surprised me. After testing it indoors and outdoors, I was surprised by its accuracy. I’ll go over its performance, some drawbacks, and where it fits in amongst its competition in this review.

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How the PRGR Performed Indoors

I tested the PRGR launch monitor both indoors and outside. Typically, I have found most radar-based products to struggle when hitting inside because they don’t have enough room to see the ball travel.

As a control, I used my SkyTrak launch monitor

inside. While SkyTrak is not perfect, I’ve found it to be within 1-3% of accuracy when compared against enterprise-level products like Trackman and Foresight Sports. SkyTrak also costs $2000, which is 10x the cost of the PRGR. If you read my review of SkyTrak, you’ll see it offers far more features.

prgr skytrak comparison

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Title: PRGR Launch Monitor Review: Surprising Performance From An Unexpected Place
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