Driver VS. 3-Wood Off the Tee: What’s the Right Decision?

When faced with a difficult hole, golfers often decide between hitting their driver or 3-wood. The conventional wisdom is that taking a shorter club will result in more accuracy and give you a better chance of posting a lower score. However, with modern analytics, we are starting to discover that many assumptions we’ve made about the game are just not right.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the following:

Data from millions of golf shots comparing drivers to 3-woods from Shot ScopeThoughts from an equipment expertMy launch monitor testing Some advice on how to help you make better decisions

I think many of you will be surprised by the results!

Shot Scope Data

Performance-tracking companies have helped dispel a lot of myths over the past few years.

Shot Scope, a Scotland-based company, has a popular GPS tracking system used by thousands of golfers worldwide. As a benefit, they can spot trends in their database based on millions of golf shots (you can read my review of their V3 system here).

shot scope v3 review

Recently, I got a hold of their findings on golfers’ use of driver off the tee versus their 3-wood. The conclusions are interesting and dispel some commonly-held beliefs about accuracy.

The first table explores how far golfers hit each club by handicap level:

driver vs. 3-wood


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Title: Driver VS. 3-Wood Off the Tee: What’s the Right Decision?
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Published Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2020 20:03:32 +0000


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