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Working backwards, your golf grip has the biggest influence over your club face position at impact. For a full guide check out this article on how to hold a golf club – this is well worth a read if you are serious about improving your golf swing.Many golfers struggle to consistently strike the middle of the golf club, and most of the cause stems from a poor set up.

From here you can freely rotate and maintain your balance throughout the golf swing. A great set up can correct many other faults within a golf swing.Set up in a balanced, athletic posture, with the ball positioned in the middle of the club face. From here, all you need to do is maintain your balance until the end of your golf swing, to ensure you hit the middle of the club face more often.You should feel the pressure through the mid-point of your feet and let your arms hang under your shoulders.To read a detailed article on perfecting your golf stance and posture check out this link.This one concept is the bane of most beginner golfers.

Golf irons are specifically designed to be used in this way – strike down and let the loft on the golf club help the ball up into the air. There are a few details to flesh out here, but if you would like to learn more, check out this article looking at ‘why do I fat and thin my iron shots‘.

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They can see lots of things that don’t look right in your golf swing. They will tell you each and every one of the faults and explain, at length, why this factor is terrible for your golf swing.The golf coach will start at the other end of the problem – your performance.

This is a big golf swing tip – know the difference between your swing characteristics and faults. Swing characteristics are things that may not look textbook, but they don’t negatively affect your golfing performance. Think of Jim Furyk’s backswing plane or Dustin Johnson’s left wrist position. For a detailed read on this golf swing tip check out this guide on how to be your own golf coach.This is a geeky golf swing tip, but highly important.The golf ball only cares about impact.

Impact is what truly counts. Every golf shot is caused by a unique blend of the five factors at impact that are listed below.There are only five things that alter your ball flight:Centredness of strikeClub face angle at impactSwing path through impactAngle of attack at impactClub head velocity at impactThese factors combine to create every golf shot you can possibly hit.

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A fat wedge shot is caused by not hitting the centre of the club face, and an incorrect angle of attack. This area does take some time to develop a deep understanding of. The great news is that Trackman provide hours of free online training open to any golfer, just follow this link.

Not hitting the middle of the golf club leaves all other impact factors useless and can result in almost any ball flight. Check out your golf stance and posture to resolve this issue.Golf swing tip articles for hooks and slices frequently blame swing path for errant shots. This is not completely false – swing path is a factor, however, the key reason a golf ball curves through the air is the spin imparted on it when the club face is not aligned squarely to the swing path through impact.The video below gives you an interesting insight, but the take away message is that squaring your club face up to your swing path at impact is the most important golf swing tip for reducing hooks and slices.

As we discussed at the start, there is no perfect golf swing. Instead you have a list of options that you can choose from to improve your golf swing and performance. This golf swing tip involves understanding your poor ball flight and choosing one of the factors listed below to improve your performance.Below are the 14 swing principles that we, as golf coaches, use to improve your performance.

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For an explanation of each principle, check out this short guide to swing principles.This shows the principles that affect each impact factorYou can see some principles, such as aim, grip and set-up are listed in multiple columns, this shows their wide-reaching affect on impact and your ball flight. Your task is to choose the one or two swing principles that you wish to alter to affect your impact and performance.

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Hopefully this articles give you some new insight and ways to think about your golf swing.If you’ve found this of use feel free to share it with a fellow golfer. If you would like a free golf article like this one sent to your inbox every Monday, come join the Golf Insider weekly post.Happy golfing – Will @ Golf InsiderA Golf professional, with a BSc in Sport Performance and MSc in Sports Biomechanics & Psychology.

Driving distance and accuracy… the two things that every golfer on the planet wants more of. Sure, we all know that putting is the key for success at the professional level, but as a recreational player, you want to have the confidence to step up to the first tee and smash a drive down the middle of the fairway.

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Once you master the basic concepts of solid ball striking, you have to increase your clubhead speed in order to increase your distance. If your driving of the golf ball is something that frustrates you, you’re in luck, you have now found the ultimate resource for golf driving tips to help you hit longer, straighter, and more consistent drives.

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