Westwood: Stick Your PGA I’ve Got Asthma I’m Not Risking Corona And Its No Fun

The European Tour returned at the weekend with the British Masters,  and you know what, they did a great job and it was far more entertaining than the PGA Tour's 3M Open.
Italian Renato Paratore pretty much raced around around the fabulous Close House and it was bloomin' great TV.
Host for the week Lee Westwood took the opportunity to deliver some home truths to America about how they are handling the Corona crisis (shhh Britain not handling it so great either) and says he wont be travelling to the WGC in Memphis this week OR the PGA Championship EVEN though he wouldn't have to undergo a 14 day isolation (that's now been dropped).
“I still don’t feel comfortable and I don’t feel like it is right to jump on a plane for 12 hours,” Westwood said. I’ve felt like out of my comfort zone this week (at the British Masters), so if I got to Memphis I would feel uncomfortable playing tournaments at the moment.”

“Whenever I come out and play the tournaments now it is almost about seeing my mates and the sociable element of it all and you’re not ­getting that at the moment. I’ve never seen so many players on the range at eight o’clock at night trying to avoid their hotel rooms. It’s just not the life I’m used to. I go out on the course and I am struggling for motivation a little bit.”

“The two America tournaments, next week and the following week … I’m still more concerned that America doesn’t take it as seriously as the rest of the world. It still seems to be one of the hotspots for outbreaks. I can control me not getting the virus and take all the measures I can, but somebody might pass it on. I don’t really want to get ill with it and I’m slightly ­asthmatic.”

“If I tested positive in Memphis I would have to stay there for two weeks and I’m not sure about ­insurance policies etc. Right now there are too many what ifs. If you take all them into consideration, there is something wrong.”
You've got to hand it to Lee, he knows his own mind.  There's a lot of money up for grabs over the next couple of weeks not to mention all the trappings, so to have such conviction is for me very admirable.

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Title: Westwood: Stick Your PGA I've Got Asthma I'm Not Risking Corona And Its No Fun
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