We Were All At Home But Nobody Watched The Masters This Year?

I know viewership figures for the USA don't always tally up with worldwide audiences but the 2020 Masters TV audience was incredibly low.
In Ireland we had the Masters versus several GAA matches, soccer internationals and the fact that it was a foregone conclusion and over early on Sunday didn't help.  I actually channel flicked myself when Dustin was streets ahead.
Then there's the fact its on Sky, although I think most golf fans have given up the fight for free to air golf now and signed up to Sky.  Whatever you say about other sports on Sky, their golf coverage is by far their best.
In the USA the Masters coverage dropped 51% in ratings and 48% in viewership from 2019 when Tiger won.
And 2019 did really set the benchmark for where golf stands in the modern world of sports coverage.  Everyone watched Tiger win.  My kids never watch golf, yet they sat and watched the lot on Sunday. Just to see Tiger.  It wasn't so much a moment in sport, but a moment of history.
What does it all mean?  We love tradition, we love things in their place. Yes everyone is happy it got done in 2020, but The Masters' place is April and the sooner it gets back there with fans present and top players playing their best and contending the sooner we will book Masters Thursday and Friday off work!

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Title: We Were All At Home But Nobody Watched The Masters This Year?
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