Video: 10 Great Golf Hacks To Make Life Easier

Ever heard of lifehacks? Simple things to make your life easier? Well I've taken that idea and applied it to the game of golf in a recent Golfbidder video.
1. Brush handle in travel bag
2. Driver protect in car boot or holiday by removing head
3. Bushnell app. B) If you forget rangefinder metres to yards hack
4. Wet Tips. A) 2 Towels B) hang gloves on umbrella C) clubs on repair tool 
5. Tape hacks a) ripped glove repair b) For blister finger pinch from glove 
6. Yellow Ball busy course
7. Rejuvenate Grips wash up liquid
8. Club face with hair spray/non permanent marker to see strike pattern
9. Mark distances on wedges with sharpie
10. Carpenters chalk line for putting. Disappears after

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By: GolfCentralDaily
Title: Video: 10 Great Golf Hacks To Make Life Easier
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Published Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 09:31:00 +0000


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