The Stats Needed To Win The 2022 Masters

Will this be a tough year for scoring at Augusta National?
If the forecast 20 to 25 mph winds materialise and the course gets playing fast YES.

Do you need to be a Long Hitter to win?

It certainly helps according to the stats.  
In 2020 Dustin was 6th in driving distance, with a 306.7 average. He went 11 under on the par 5's, second best in the field.  Driving it long also make the hitting the greens so much easier as Augusta.  DJ hit 60 greens in regulation, the best in the field. 
But as Hideki Matsuyama proved with an average of 288.8 yards off the tee, that it is possible to get it done another way.  He also played the Par 5s in 11 under, and is by no means the best putter out there, nor did he have a standout week on the greens on his way to winning The Masters.
In 2018 and in 2017 Patrick Reed and Sergio Garcia actually both ranked 6th in driving distance and scored well on the par-5's.
In 2019 Tiger Woods only ranked 44th in driving distance.  When Danny Willett won he ranked 32nd off the tee, in 2015 Jordan Spieth ranked 52nd. 

Greens in Regulation

This is important.  Last year Hideki Matsuyama Was T7 in greens in regulation hitting 50 of the 72, the year before DJ hit 60 of 72 topping the stats.  Tiger Woods in 2019 ranked 1st in GIR.  I make it 17 of the last 25 winners were also in the top five in the GIR numbers.


Also vital.  In 2021 Hideki Matsuyama was 2nd in scrambling, in November 2020 Dustin Johnson was 4th in Scrambling. When Tiger won he was T50 in scrambling but such was his unique course knowledge he still found a way. In 2018 Reed was T16 around the greens.

Avoiding 3 Putts

While Hideki Matsuyama was T33 with four 3-putts in the overall picture he got away with it!!  In 2020 Dustin Johnson only had one 3-putt all week and in 2019 Tiger only had two 3-putts. Pat Reed only had two 3-putts before that when he won.

Par 5 Scoring

You have to capiyalise on the gift of the par-5's at Augusta.  Hideki Matsuyama, ranked T2 in par-5 scoring last year at 4.31 or 11 under for the week. In 2020 DJ played the par 5s in 11 under. In 2019 Tiger was 8 under for the week and in 2018 Reed was an incredible 13 under for the week which is the key to his victory. 
If you average out the winners in the last 25 years, they average 8 under on the par-5's.  Danny Willett was the only notable exception, playing them in level par in 2016.

The Winners Stats

In 2021 Hideki Matsuyama was T7 in greens hit, but 2nd in scrambling and had an average putting week, which was actually a good week for Hideki. He played the par 5s in 11 under which was 4th best in the field.
In 2020 Dustin Johnson had the perfect Masters.  But you have to remember it took place in November on a soft Augusta without its teeth. He became the first player in history to break the 270 mark as he shot 20 under, 268. He was T13 in driving accuracy, first in GIR and T17 in putting.
In 2019 Tiger won the Masters with his irons; he hit 58 of 72 greens to lead the field. This helped him to make 22 birdies which was 2nd in the field.
In 2018, Reed won with his putter, he had 38 one-putt greens and negotiated the par 5s in 13 under which left him untouchable.
In 2017 Sergio Garcia won without putting well (like Hideki), he did it with his ball-striking He was 2nd in fairways hit and T2 in greens hit. 
In 2016 Danny Willett was T6 in greens in regulation and when missed he was better than anyone else in scrambling and T2nd in three-putt avoidance. So tidy was he that he could be 54th in par 5 scoring that week and still win.
In 2015 Jordan Spieth ranked 2nd in Greens in Regulation, hitting 75% of his greens. He was T10 in scrambling and T4 in Par 5 Scoring. Spieth made 28 birdies for the week which was ample credit in the bank to allow a few mistakes.

Summary Keys

Greens in Regulation

Only players that hit lots of greens win at Augusta.


Short mown, tight, hilly green surrounds with cryptic pin positions eliminate half the field at Augusta because they cannot chip and scramble.  Nobody hits all the greens so you have to be brilliant at it.

Three putt avoidance

This is no straight putt at Augusta, they are the toughest in the game. They average 6,486 square feet but whether a 4 foot or 40 foot putt players are liable to lose a shot to the field. 

Par 5 scoring

Danny Willett might have done it without par-5 scoring but he's the exception. Long hitters have an advantage here without doubt. 

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