The Pointy End Of The Jon Rahmbo Vaccination Saga

I got my second dose of the vaccine yesterday.  And I know plenty of people that were offered it and declined.  Everyone has their choice, their free will and their reasoning either for or against.
The Jon Rahm’s forced WD from the Memorial story when leading by 6 shots on the face it looked bad.  Chucking away $1.65 million quid like that for the sake of a vaccine shot?
But hang on, nobody said Rahm refused the vax? All reports said is that he was not fully vaccinated.  Otherwise the PGA Tour would not have tested him. He may well have had his first dose i.e. been in between doses and still tested positive.
These Tour players work to schedules, and go out there fully fit to win money to fund their lives, and maybe it had been pencilled in, we don't know. 
Maybe the biggest error for Jon was that he knew on the Monday that he had recently come into close contact with someone who was COVID-19 positive and carried on with the event.  He got tested every day, was negative every day, until Saturday.  He must've thought, like we all probably would, that he was fine after the tests all week were negative.
In the end Jack Nicklaus summed it up best when he said “Jon is a big boy and understands we have rules, and unfortunately rules are something you may not like but they are the rules we have right now and you have to abide by them.”
$1.65 million was a painful prod though. Ouch!

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Title: The Pointy End Of The Jon Rahmbo Vaccination Saga
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Published Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2021 10:10:00 +0000


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