The Best Golf Games For Fans

Over the last couple of years, golf has seen a huge surge in popularity, giving golf lovers a stream of interesting, wacky, and true-to-life golf game options. 
Even if you have never played golf, you can get stuck into the physicals and the skills required to have a great time. 
Here are some golfing games to suit every type of gamer, from those who love story-based games to those who love to take a swing themselves and spin the reels on online slots

Worms Crazy Golf

What makes the Worms Crazy Golf so much fun is that you can create challenges for yourself and your friends. You can accrue bonuses by hitting weapon crates and exploding sheep. 
You can play solo using the career more, or you can play with friends. 
It is a cool mix of bright colors 2D graphics. While you are presented with cannon, magnets, grannies, worms in hats, and more – you will still need to get the golf ball around the course. 
Each of the five courses you can play on has 18 holes each, and your job is to get the ball around in as few shots as possible. 
The replay value for this game is really high, too, making it a great investment for golfers who might want to introduce their love of the sport to younger members of the family. 
Worms Crazy Golf is available on PS3, iOS, and Windows. 

Golden Tour

Playtech designed a golf-themed slot that is a lot of fun to play. It is also one of the most simple games, so it's got an easy entry point. 
What makes Golden Tour so enticing is that it has a progressive jackpot and offers a chance to win a stack of cash. 
It doesn't have much in the way of breath-taking graphics, but it does look like a regular golf course. So if you prefer a little more reality to your environment, then Golden Tour offers that. 
You have five reels and five paylines, and just like all slots, you are looking for winning combinations. 
In keeping with the golf theme, you see symbols like a golf cart, flag, and gold shoes. The golden ball is the most elusive in the game and is the wild card. 
Golden Tour also offers three scatters in the form of a fish, a gopher, and a duck. If you get three of a kind, then the bonus game is triggered. 
It is a nicely placed golf-themed slot that offers just the right amount of ways to win. The more you play, the more you discover. 
You can play Golden Tour on your mobile, PC, or Laptop. 

PGA Tour 2k21

For those who want their golf games to feel a little more realistic, the PGA Tour 2k21 offers exactly that. It is a stunning representation of golf, giving the player nice ambient music, beautiful graphics, and the physics are as authentic as possible. 
It is regarded as one of the best PC games around. 
If you have played Tiger Woods already, then the mechanics will feel very similar to you, and you won't need to spend much time getting to grips with it. 
And although the game isn't actually full HD, it is about as close as you can get. Even if you need to play at a lower resolution, the textures are still great. 


For players who love to play simulation games, GoldTopia offers a golf-based version. Like all simulation games, it is completely immersive, and you can spend many hours perfecting your course. 
There are a few different modes to play that you can choose from, and you can set up the camera angles to suit you. 
You can design and build any type of golf course that you can imagine, carefully placing each tree and every hole. It can become a work of art. 
Like most simulations games, you will need to make sure you are considering the long-term development of your course and cater to the 200 golfers that can't wait to play on your course. 
Read the players' thoughts to make sure you craft your course to meet their needs. 
You can play GolfTopis on PC, but there are some minimum and recommended system requirements. 

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

While there are more recent additions, the 2005 Tiger Woods PGA Tour is considered to be the superior option. Some of what made the game great is being able to adjust the area you hit the ball, flop shots, chips, and a range of strokes. 
The best feature in the game was Legends Mode, as you could unlock a range of legendary golfers and some incredible courses. Not only can you unlock them, but you can play against them too.

The Golf Club VR

The gold Club VR is a single-player game and works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index. 
With tracked motion controllers, you will play golf in a unique way. The Golf Club VR has created an immersive experience that even has the sound of crickets. So you really feel like you're on the course in the wind. 
If you have never played golf or with a VR headset, there is a useful tutorial that is fully interactive. 
And if you like choice, you're going to be blown away with the 130,000 courses you can choose from. 
No matter how you like to play golf, there are so many options and even a game for people who don't like called – What The Golf? It defies the laws of physics and will give everyone a laugh. 

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