PGA Tour Let Some Positives Play But PGA Championship Say They’ll Test And Kick Them Out

Two weeks ahead of the first Major of this crazy year and a very interesting note from the PGA of America that they are going to do things a little differently to the PGA Tour when it comes to tolerating COVID-19.
Whereas the PGA Tour have made exceptions for some players with positive Corona tests to play, the PGA of America will be adopting a much stricter strategy.
Every player, along with two coaches, and a trainer will undergo testing starting on August 2nd and MUST test negative for COVID-19 to be allowed into the event.
Player's wives kids and family are strictly not allowed attend, and neither are agents, managers or general hanger on-er's you might spot at a Tour event.
You've got to hand it to the PGA of America, they are the first of four, and they are determined not to mess up.  Prepare for the most sterile Major ever!

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By: GolfCentralDaily
Title: PGA Tour Let Some Positives Play But PGA Championship Say They'll Test And Kick Them Out
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Published Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 11:28:00 +0000


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