Ireland’s Flagsticks And Rakes Riddled With Covid Again Confirms Government’s Eamonn Ryan

Ireland is heading for Level 5 restrictions again, but what does this mean for golf?
Green government middle leg Eamonn Ryan was asked yesterday whether golf would be shut down in Level 5 and he reacted like he never heard of the world's greenest game…..before adding “The golf courses will be closed.”

Later however, another Government TD Mattie McGrath posted this graphic on his social indicating golf could remain open.


The Golfing Union Of Ireland however have not confirmed if this is the case.  They are saying they'll make a statement this evening.

Up in Northern Ireland, golf is going ahead according to the latest update on the site.
During the first lockdown when golf in Ireland was shut down there was an outcry by the golfing community and it worked out well.  Golf was one of the first sports back as restrictions eased.
Since then however, there was the scandal of the Oirechtas (Irish Government) Golf Society and post game “meal” (aka piss up) in Clifden County Galway, which became a huge political golf ball, and dragged the reputation of the game down with it.  Of course you'll win any debate defending what that has to do with the actual game of golf being involved in the transmission of the virus, but one thing is for sure, that scandal firmly associated the game of golf with with snobby entitled rule breakers, and that damage cannot be undone.
So it remains to be seen whether golf is shut down fully for 6 weeks in Ireland, or allowed to continue for those lucky enough to live within 5 kilometres of the course.
Either way Winter Is Coming and it's going to be rough.

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Title: Ireland's Flagsticks And Rakes Riddled With Covid Again Confirms Government's Eamonn Ryan
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Published Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 09:57:00 +0000


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