Francesco Molinari’s Translated Tweets Say He Misses Golf As Much As An Itch In His Bum Crack

Francesco Molinari, the only half decent player in the world not to get fed up hanging around while others earn money on Tour has finally broken his silence in a serious of tweets to his followers.

The 4 tweets in Italian have been translated into English by a friend of mine who works in a fast food restaurant in Dublin.
“I thought I’d miss Tour golf but it turns out I actually miss it like a wet burning itch deep in the crack of my arse,” Molinari said in tweet 1.
“The wife went online there to look at the back account and it turns out now that I don't have to pay a manager, a swing coach, a mind guy, a putting coach, a caddie, a trainer, a performance coach and a physio and I don't need to spend money going anywhere we've actually saved about 50 grand a week and we've got an absolute shitload of money,” was tweet 2.
“I love what Bryson has done and I spend a lot of time in the gym.  I'm up to 15 press-ups now in one go and I can do 3 chin-ups.” Tweet 3 
“Will I ever get back on Tour? Well they're saying these global pandemics are going to become more and more frequent so fingers crossed. I'm happy playing at the local course here, I won the gross in the Captain's Prize last week and got a Slazenger umbrella.” Tweet 4

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Title: Francesco Molinari's Translated Tweets Say He Misses Golf As Much As An Itch In His Bum Crack
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Published Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2020 11:35:00 +0000


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