Best Ways to Make Some Extra Money Betting on Golf

The sport of golf is one of the most interesting games to watch as it does not typically happen over the course of one day but instead happens over the course of three to four days. With the emergence of LIV Golf to rival the PGA, golf will be happening a little more so it is important to dive into some tips and tricks to win more on golf. 
Making sure you have some tips on sports betting will help you as most things are able to transfer from sport to sport, but there are definitely some unique things about betting on the game of golf.  
Understand How the Odds Work
If you bet on the four major sports in the United States (baseball, football, basketball, hockey) then you might be surprised by how the odds work for golf. Since the field is wide open and there are many possibilities, they all typically have plus odds heading into the event. 
Tournaments typically are not won by the favorites to open the field of play, so that means do not be afraid of looking for a golfer with longer odds than the odds-on favorite. Understanding how the odds fluctuate is critical to betting on the sport. 
Don’t Be Afraid of Side Bets
Some of the best bets throughout the tournaments happen to not be on which golfer will win the event, but more of the side bets. There are some prop bets I like to do like betting if there will be a hole in one, a double eagle, or even if there will be a playoff round to determine the eventual winner. 
One bet I love to do is picking which golfer will have the best round out of three that are selected to be grouped together. This does not have to be a big bet as you can place this on a Saturday after already seeing how the golfers have done on the same course a previous couple of days. It is a lot of fun and does not require you to be too locked into the entirety of the four days instead, just a single-day bet if that is what you are looking to do. 
Do Your Homework
This is critical to make sure that you make some money and have the best chances to make some sound bets. One huge thing is to see if they played on the same course before and how they did as well as if they have played recently and how they did in those games. 
It is important to make sure that you do your homework as the more information that is at your disposal, the more of an educated decision that you are able to make. Understanding how the course itself plays as well as some of the golfers you are expecting to place a wager on will make sure that you understand how the variance could work for and against you. 
Understand the Bankroll
It is difficult to make some winning bets on choosing a winner as there are sometimes over 100 different golfers competing for the best score. Placing multiple bets to win can really increase the amount of your bankroll that is being used and could increase without really noticing it. 
Make sure you keep track of that as weather and outside factors can really be a difference in how you do in terms of being in the red or in the green with your bankroll. Remember to keep that in mind so you are understanding what your limits will be as well as to bet only on what you are willing to be able to lose. 
These are just touching the tip of the surface of how to get some extra money betting on golf here. Tell us what are some of your biggest tips and tricks to place a wager on golf.

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Title: Best Ways to Make Some Extra Money Betting on Golf
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