Bermuda Golf Courses

The biggest mistake made by other colonists is to let England hold onto Bermuda. Well, had they known that the treacherous reefs would give them some of the world’s best golfing courses, I’m pretty sure they would have weathered it out. They might have known it then, but Bermuda right now has probably more golf courses per square mile than any other country in the world. And we are just talking of nine Bermuda golf courses — nine world-class golf courses.

The Gulf Stream bringing in tropical waters is responsible for the mild tropical climate perfect for the Bermuda golf courses. Aside from that, Bermuda does not have rainy season, just occasional showers. So what does that mean? Bermuda offers golfing weather all-year-round on a small island, big enough for nine splendid Bermuda golf courses: four of which are championship layouts and a world-class par-3. If you can’t visibly picture that out, try this. Mark Twain, who was from Bermuda, once said, “Bermuda is the right country for a jaded man to loaf in.” Of course, he was right, but he never even got to see the first of the nine Bermuda golf courses. If he had, loafing would have been a second hobby.

Bermuda does not have any more room left for yet another golf course. However, changes and developments can always be accommodated, and are in fact very necessary, to keep all nine Bermuda golf courses competitive worldwide. Now, there are Bermuda golf courses that have undergone total remake and some others are undergoing changes right now as well. The nine Bermuda golf courses are as follows: Belmont Hills Golf Club, Fairmont Southampton Golf Club, Mid Ocean Club, Ocean View Golf Course, Port Royal Golf Course, Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club, St. George’s Golf Course, Tucker’s Point Club, and Horizons Golf Club.

Bermuda golf courses have diverse characteristics that set them apart from all the others around the world. The semi tropical climate with winds blowing in from the Atlantic is a charm that the Bermuda golf courses are so famous for. Dress requirements are strictly enforced in all nine clubs. Collared-shirts are a must and sleeveless, regardless of the kind, are strictly not allowed. Shorts should be according to the Bermuda length which is knee-length, and jeans and cut-offs are a no-no.

It is believed that November to March is the best golf vacation time to Bermuda. At this time, hotel rates are said to be cheaper and the weather a bit cooler. However, Bermuda golf courses are up for grabs no matter what day of the year. So, whether you’re just teeing off during a Bermuda golf cruise, it is definitely still a world-class experience.

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