Why PGA Tour Daycare is the best perk on Tour and where Jordan and Rickie’s kids will soon be hanging

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. – Amanda Hadley provides arguably the best example of why the PGA Tour’s Daycare program is so beloved. Hadley, the wife of pro Chesson Hadley and mother of three, hasn’t had to potty train either of her first two kids.

“I found out that our oldest, Hughes, had to be potty trained to start pre-school,” said Amanda, a board member of the PGA Tour Wives Association. “I showed up the next morning and they said, ‘We’ll help you. Let’s start tomorrow. Bring a stack of clothes and some big-boy underwear and we’re going to power through this.’ By the end of the week they had him potty trained.”

PGA Tour pros receive an assortment of perks, everything from courtesy cars to gourmet meals at player dining, but they all run a distant second to a daycare system that is provided to the membership 43 weeks a year, allowing players and their families an opportunity to travel together throughout the year.

“This lifestyle takes its toll on marriage and family because of all the travel and being apart,” said Stewart Cink. “It makes it more doable. It doesn’t take away all the stress, but it reduces the load.”

The program was formed in 1998, back when Cink still had hair and his two married sons, Conor (28) and Reagan (24), who now doubles as his caddie, were regulars. At the time, Susan Dittmer, the director of PGA Tour Family Centers, was overseeing daycare for employees of a bank in Jacksonville when the PGA Tour was seeking to create a more consistent experience for families and were so impressed with her facility that it wooed her away.

“I call her the captain of the ship,” Amanda Hadley said.

The infant room at the RSM Classic. (Courtesy Susan Dittmer/PGA Tour)

In her first week on the job, Dittmer was playing house with some of the young kids and declared that it was time to make dinner. She expected them to be seeking dishes and gathering the plastic play food for the meal, but no.

“They were looking for a phone so they could call room service,” she said. “That was my first introduction to this was going to be a little bit different.”

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By: Adam Schupak
Title: Why PGA Tour Daycare is the best perk on Tour and where Jordan and Rickie's kids will soon be hanging
Sourced From: golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/11/23/pga-tour-daycare-susan-dittmer/
Published Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:00:02 +0000

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