Sun Mountain introduces Colter jacket and vest with new 37.5 insulation

Sun Mountain is bringing in a new insulation for its 2021 line of jackets and vests that it believes will be a big improvement for golfers.

The new products feature 37.5 insulation, which is a product named as such because the company behind it claims the insulation does a great job at keeping the body at a core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit) while keeping microclimate against the skin at 37.5 percent relative humidity.

In other words, the insulation absorbs body heat and keeps it close to the body while preventing moisture buildup. When you're getting too warm, active materials in the insulation help cool the body to regulate temperature. There's really little worse than playing golf in colder weather and feeling yourself sweating.

They're using the 37.5 insulation in six different pieces.

The Colter jacket is a full-zip hooded jacket with insulated body panels and four-way-stretch side panels and sleeves. There are two hand-warmer pockets, as well internal and external chest pockets. It's available in four different colors for $150 each.

The Colter Vest is a lightweight insulated vest with four-way-stretch side panels and similar construction to the jacket. It's available in four colors for $120 each.

Colter Vest is a packable, ultra-lightweight insulated vest with 4-way stretch side panels, two hand warmer pockets, internal and external chest pockets (the internal pocket doubles as a stuff sack) and a zip-through collar with chin-guard. Colter Vest is available in four different colors with a retail price of $119.99.

The 37.5 insulation also features in the Granite jacket and and vest, which has a square quilting pattern. The Trapper jacket has both an insulated body and sleeves with the 37.5 insulation. The AT Hybrid jacket and vest for women has a similar build as the Colter line.

The Sun Mountain Colter jacket and vest are expected to be released in September.

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By: Ryan Ballengee
Title: Sun Mountain introduces Colter jacket and vest with new 37.5 insulation
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Published Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2020 16:07:36 +0000


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