6 Odd Golf Products You Just Might Like

It’s a bit difficult to describe what exactly are odd golf products. Let’s just say it’s something that sits a bit outside the norm—on the fringe shall we say. And that’s not bad at all. So take a gander and see if one (or more) of these unique products strikes your fancy.

Birdie Juice Flask

Ok, I’ll admit it. I do own this flask but in all fairness I do live in New England and it becomes very useful when that Autumn chill arrives.

This one is of very good quality. It screws on type and the cap is on a lever so you never lose it, therefore no messy leaks and this version comes with a couple of funnels which is a nice and practical add-on. Useful for yourself and ALWAYS a solid gift!

Birdie Juice Golf Flask

Get it here: Birdie Juice Flask

Glowing Golf Balls

Do you enjoy a round of golf in the dark? With glowing golf balls, it is much easier to locate the ball after a shot. The balls perform just as good as ordinary balls and have a full compression core.

After charging it lasts for about 15 minutes on high glow and then glows for between 4 and 6 hours. You will never lose a ball in the dark.

Glow V1 Golf Balls

Get them here:

Loudmouth Golf Pants

Loudmouth golf apparel and accessories are made to bring a quirky sense of fun to the golf course. With 2-time Major Champion, John Daly, as the prominent sponsor, Loudmouth is now recognized as a cool and wacky lifestyle brand.

Of course they’re not just pants (and not just men’s wear). They seem to have everything under the sun now including: golf shorts, shirts, masks, flags, vests, head covers, shoes and on and on!

Remember, a pair of Loudmouth golf pants is bound to be noticed!

Loudmouth Golf Pants

Get them here: LoudMouth


AN Amazing Golf Glove That Can Help Improve Your Swing

Read Review Here: Pro Air Grip Golf Glove Review

Order The Pro Air Grip Golf Glove Here: https://proairgrip.com/


Golf Swing Shirt

I’ll be honest, at first glance, this product seemed pretty weird (one of the true odd golf products) golf. It is a bright orange shirt (why bright orange?) that only has one sleeve that you put both arms into. Feels kinda like a flexible straight jacket.

It’s designed to give you a feeling of “connection”—that is, with your arms and body in the golf swing. It seems to be getting some sound reviews (even we did one called, Feel True “Connection” with The Golf Swing Shirt ) and is endorsed by 3-time Major winner, Padraig Harrington.

Update: Other colors now include Black, White and Camouflage



Golf Swing shirt

Get it here: The Golf Swing Shirt

Golf Teecil

This falls under the category “Did we really need this in the world?” Some people love it and others (me included) are going to keep our mouths shut before we get into trouble.

We actually wrote about it a number of years back in this post, The Dumbest Golf Product at the 2012 Boston Golf Expo.

What is it? a pencil on the end of a tee. If you’re looking for a dirty scorecard (dirt in your pockets, etc) then this probably is for you.

Golf Teecil

Get them here: Golf Teecil

Cleat Ripper

We all know how removing those pesky plastic golf cleats can feel like you’re trying to loosen a rusted nut from a bolt. Just use a traditional spike remover? I don’t think so! You need a bit more firepower.

Hence, the Cleat Ripper from SoftSpikes. It’ll remove even the most stubborn golf cleats. Promise.

Golf Cleat Ripper

Get it here: Cleat Ripper by Soft Spikes

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