Voice Caddie SL1 Rangefinder Review: They Nailed the GPS Integration!

Recently, Voice Caddie released their SL1 Rangefinder. Interestingly, it offers a combination of features that no other product has on the market right now (not even Bushnell).

The SL1 integrates GPS, laser, and green undulation technology, allowing it to offer golfers multiple data points when they consider their target and club selection.

After testing it on the course, I was thoroughly impressed by its performance. Also, I was a bit surprised. Voice Caddie is traditionally known for its launch monitors, but now they have a product worth considering for golfers who want a distance measuring device that has it all for under $500.

voice caddie sl1

They Nailed the GPS Integration

My usual recommendation is that most golfers should use GPS data over a rangefinder. However, rangefinders are the overwhelming product purchase of choice in the distance-measurement category. Well, now, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Voice Caddie has done an excellent job of using GPS yardages in its SL1 rangefinder. There is a small OLED screen below the lens that displays your front, center, and back yardages to the green for starters. So if you’re in a situation where you can’t see the pin, you can quickly take a look at the screen to see your distances.

voice caddie sl1 rangefinder review
This feature comes in handy in several scenarios on the course.

Additionally, Voice Caddie has also added GPS data into the viewing area of the lens. When you lock onto the target, you can see your yardage to the pin, the front and back yardages, and the actual change in the slope’s elevation.


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By: Jon
Title: Voice Caddie SL1 Rangefinder Review: They Nailed the GPS Integration!
Sourced From: practical-golf.com/voice-caddie-sl1-rangefinder-review/
Published Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 18:37:10 +0000


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