Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Driver Review: Combining Speed and Forgiveness

Since its release in the fall of 2018, the Titleist TS Driver line has been one of the most popular drivers on the PGA Tour and beyond. The TS drivers also firmly entrenched Titleist as one of the category leaders and finally shed their reputation of making “slow and spinny” drivers. Not surprisingly, Titleist now looks to ride the wave of success brought by TS as they introduce the TSi (Titleist Speed Impact). The TSi2 and TSi3 drivers are now available, and I have had a chance to test them out in multiple fitting sessions to see what kinds of golfers can benefit from the new technology.

The Main Focus

The word from Titleist is that their engineers were focused on advancing ball speeds while making a “MASS”ive move in the forgiveness direction. Moving the mass…for forgiveness… Do you see what I did there?

titleist tsi driver review

With the TS metals line’s success, Titleist is greeted with the age-old problem of having a tough act to follow. So what to do? To quote another oft used phrase, they called in the “Big Guns” from a metal company called ATI.

Who Is ATI?

ATI is a US metals company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specializing in commercial aeronautics and military-grade metallurgy. The ATI website shows their products are used in everything from military-grade armor plating to reusable spacecraft. The ATI Logo is proudly inscribed directly on the face of the TSi drivers.

titleist tsi driver review

So what has ATI done for Titleist? The new ATI 425 titanium face insert used in the TSi metals boasts a 6% increase in strength and a 30% increase in ductility compared to conventional titanium alloys used in golf club construction. Ductility basically measures how much the metal can be manipulated without losing strength, in this case, thinned to create the fastest ball speeds possible

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Title: Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Driver Review: Combining Speed and Forgiveness
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