PRGR Launch Monitor Review: Surprising Performance From An Unexpected Place

For the last couple of years, the hottest gadget category for golfers has been personal launch monitors. The $500 and below group has more competition than ever. A surprise hit has been a low-cost, tiny launch monitor from Japan – the PRGR launch monitor


The original PRGR has been on the market in Japan for several years already under a different brand name (Red Eyes). It was repurposed for the US market in late 2019 as the PRGR HS-120A, and it immediately exploded in popularity.

When I first tested the original PRGR, I was truly surprised by its performance. The product is unsuspecting and basic looking, but it offered accuracy on par with some of the leaders in the industry, such as Trackman, under optimal conditions.

For the past couple of months, I have been testing the newer PRGR (HS-130A). There are some nice upgrades that I’ll cover in this review. Overall, this remains one of the best values in the category for its versatility and accuracy.

prgr hs130-a review

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What’s New With the PRGR (HS-130A)

The original PRGR (HS-120A) performed more than adequately. For $199, you got a launch monitor and swing speed radar that offered accuracy similar to products that cost thousands of dollars more. When I first tested it against my SkyTrak, I was shocked by its performance (especially indoors).

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Title: PRGR Launch Monitor Review: Surprising Performance From An Unexpected Place
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