The Story Of Francesco Molinari’s Disappearance To Set Up New Family Home In California

Francesco Molinari is finally back this on Tour this week.  You're thinking at Wentworth right? For the PGA Championship? Coz he loves it there, and sure it's just down the road from his home in London?
What every house in LA looks like.

He's back at The Shriners on the PGA Tour, just down the desert road, from his NEW home in Los Angeles, California.
And I'm not talking about a house that will act as a “base” while Fran plays golf. Oh no.  This is the Molinari's new family home, with wife, two kids dog the lot.
The reason why Francesco was so conspicuous by his absence after lockdown is that his time was totally occupied with the London to Los Angeles move, which as it turned out, became extremely complicated as a global pandemic showed up to slow everything down.
Who knows what prompted such a move from the shitty arthritic weather of London to the sun drenched shorts and t-shirt life in LA,  maybe it was to try to get good at golf? Again. 
I say best of luck Frankie and family!  It's a five point move if you ask me!

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Title: The Story Of Francesco Molinari's Disappearance To Set Up New Family Home In California
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Published Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2020 09:41:00 +0000


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