PGA Tour’s New Sharia Law: Shout “Brooksie” At Bryson And You’re Ejected

Note to all those going to the Tour Championship and maybe even the Ryder Cup…..don't say a word….don't shout any “banter” or you're out. Don't side with either Brooks Koepka or Bryson DeChambeau in their little spat.
Forget the Taliban, the PGA Tour has its own version of Sharia Law.  And it's bloody specific. To the point that if you shout “Brooksie” at Bryson DeChambeau to try and piss him off from now on, you're getting kicked out of the event by security.
I'm not kidding.  PGA Tour supreme leader Jay Monahan was asked by a reporter….
Q. Would “Brooksie” (referring to Brooks Koepka) classify as harassing behavior when it's said to Bryson on a golf course? 

JAY MONAHAN: Yes, and the reason I say yes is, you know, the barometer that we are all using is the word “respect,” and to me, when you hear “Brooksie” yelled or you hear any expression yelled, the question is, is that respectful or disrespectful? That has been going on for an extended period of time. To me, at this point, it's disrespectful, and that's kind of behavior that we're not going to tolerate going forward. 
Now that is mental. That is dealing with banter gone mad.
So you can shout “Oooo ah up the Ayatollah!” and that's okay but shout “Brooksie” and you're out?
Jesus Jay cop yourself on.

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Title: PGA Tour's New Sharia Law: Shout “Brooksie” At Bryson And You're Ejected
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Published Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 11:28:00 +0000


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