Irish Golf Course Launches Blistering Attack On GUI After Lockdown Closure Decision

With Level 5 Coronavirus lockdown in effect in Ireland, the Golfing Union of Ireland made the late decision to shut all golf courses for 6 weeks.
A brief statement on their site said the decision was essentially made for them by “Sport Ireland”
One of the many clubs that contacted me was particularly fuming at the GUI and summed up the general mood of the clubs around the country. This is a letter I was sent.
“The GUI has no one at the helm since the former “CEO”  got his golden handshake months ago. He is now back engaged as a consultant with a house/office on Carton Estate.
The former political lobbyist they put in charge of Golf Ireland has no contact number and will not reply to emails.  It’s just incredible what these lads are doing to golf. They are not the “governing body” they run a few cups and shields competitions and parade around in jackets. There is not an inkling of commercial savvy among them.

Clubs need to get a representative body for themselves and become a voice for golf. Let the GUI/ Golf Ireland run Cups and Shields.  The truth is that’s all they are fit for.
Many clubs raised concerns earlier this year when it became evident the GUI were trying to manoeuvre themselves into the role as the voice of Irish golf and failing miserably; they closed courses prematurely during the first lockdown and not only was it a disaster, but they learned nothing from it this time around.

They were asked to consider a refund of affiliation fees in June.  They refused point blank.

And as if that is not enough where did the money they got in the £7 million Covid Package from the R&A go?  On dry cleaning for their blazers? Clubs certainly haven't seen any of it.

We are hearing also this evening that “Tennis” can go ahead, while golf cant.  Two people on a court versus two people in 200 acres?  That makes no sense.  Did tennis stand up and fight their case while the GUI meekly sat in the corner? There was no “Sport Ireland” telling tennis they must close.

There is no corporate governance within the GUI,  conflicts of interest are everywhere.  They do what they are told because they are receiving considerable Government and Sport Ireland funding.  They are simply not concerned with clubs or members because they control handicapping and Irish golfers love competition golf.

The GUI are more preoccupied with rolling out the World Handicapping System even though 99% of golfers don’t care one iota about it and surely now is not the time to be foisting this on clubs and their members.

The GUI don't represent us, they are incompetent.  Golf is the safest sport of any sport. To be caught asleep at the wheel and not fight our case for the first lockdown is one thing.  But to do the same again a second time around is unacceptable.  Tennis goes ahead, while golf double faults.”

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By: GolfCentralDaily
Title: Irish Golf Course Launches Blistering Attack On GUI After Lockdown Closure Decision
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Published Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 11:33:00 +0000


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